ASM Meble on Furniture Fair Poland 2023

ASM Meble participated in the largest International Furniture Fair in Central-East Europe from 21th until 24th February, 2023. It was the sixth event we joint as Exhibitor.

Our exhibition was organized in Pavillion 3 box 2 on a 150 sqm.

Prior to the event we engaged ourselves in promotional activities. We sent over 250 invitations to current and potential business partners.

The Furniture Fair in Poland was an amazing occasion to present new or existing models.

Launch of new products

We presented:

  • [new] LIAM Collection,
  • [new] MARCO Collection,
  • [new] Wall unit MARINO,
  • [new] Wall unit ECO,
  • [new] Wall unit VERTI,
  • [new] Wall unit SILK II,
  • [new] SWITCH Lamel - system,
  • Wall unit RISE,
  • Wall unit TRY,
  • Wall unit DALLAS,
  • Wall unit FLAME,
  • Wall unit MAZE,

Meetings with trading partners

During 4 days of Furniture Fair event we had lead 130 meetings with current business partners and 185 meetings with potentially new partners from 29 countries. We had several dozen talks with clients that showed interest in our products which resulted in giving catalogues and business cards. 3 board members, 7 specialists in export, customer service and logistic field were designated to interacts with trading partners.


In 4 days our stand was visited by ~2000 guests.

Total of 2000 catalogs and 300 gifts were handed in.

We prepared snacks, beverages and desserts for exisitng and potential partners.

our exhibition in numbers

ASM specialists
promotional materials
new furniture & systems

New products/models, displayed
on Furniture Fair Poland 2023